Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What is Sacredism?

To consume is natural, to create is sacred - st. Mars

Sacredism is my philosophy. 

All art is sacred. All art is devine. Man is the art of God. Man is also the paintbrush of God. The creations of men are the creations of God. Art is spiritual. - sacredism 

 All art is sacred. Art is not natural; art is supernatural. The arts are distinctly human. 

 People are our planet's greatest commodity. As an artist, I see all of human's greatest achievements as products of ingenuity & creativity. 

  All humans have equal divine worth. Divine? Yes! Even an atheist has to agree that a beautiful person is the most amazing art! We were designed; even if you don't believe in a God, we are interconnected with some kind of creative force. Even when we create, our art is divine.

  You are sacred! What you create is as unique as your fingerprint. Now, turn on your divine imagination, and go create something! 

Luv, st. Mars

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